Khambhat (Gujarat), 14 Feb, 2016: Press release:

Resolution against terrorism & ISIS passed at Sufi Conference organised at Khambhat (Gujarat)

Thousands of Sufi-Saints gathered here from the entire nation and various parts of the world announced that terrorism and terror groups such as ISIS and others are enemies of Islam and humanity and they launched a war against this evil of terrorism.

A resolution was also passed in the presence of thousands of people from the Muslim community at International Sufi Conference on the occasion of 796th annual ceremony (Urs Mubarak) of Sarkar Shah-E-Miran Hazrat Peer Miran Saiyed Ali Vali at Ashraf Nagar in Khambhat (Gujarat). The resolution states that today some evil forces have been killing human values misusing religion as their security cover. We have to fight united against these evil forces with a commitment to protect peace of the world and destroy their ill and nefarious designs.

On the occasion, Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs & Minority Affairs Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that culture and traditions of Sufi-Saints is need of the hour for harmony and peace in the society. We have to use message of this harmony-based heritage to destroy terrorism and establish peace in the world.

Shri Naqvi termed terrorism and radicalism as the biggest challenge for world peace and prosperity. Terrorist outfits have no relation with any religion and they have been defining religion according to their convenience. If the religious organizations and religious leaders will unite against terrorism and radicalism, these terror elements will not succeed in their motives to kill human values misusing the religion. Those evil forces, who want to disturb peace and prosperity of the nation, can be isolated and defeated only by strength of brotherhood and social unity and harmony.

Shri Naqvi said that we feel proud that “son of Gujarat” Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has emerged as “strong acceptable to all leader” for world peace today. The entire nation has been feeling need of peace and harmony-based heritage of India’s Sufi-Saints. Shri Modi has become a "strong messenger of peace, harmony and prosperity" across the world.

Shri Naqvi said that society has more important role than the Government to play against challenges of terrorism and radicalism. Religious organizations and leaders can use their influence to make people, especially youths, aware of evil designs of the terrorist groups. We should understand that terrorism and terror outfits like ISIS and al-Qaieda are enemy of humanity and prosperity of the world.

Shri Naqvi said that different groups and leaders from all the religions should work united to strengthen social unity and harmony. Religious groups and their leaders should form a platform which can work to establish brotherhood, harmony. Such a platform can work to maintain communal harmony in the country; create respect for each other’s religion and maintain peace during any untoward incident.

Shri Naqvi said that our culture, traditions and Constitution are a loud and clear message to walk on path of peace, harmony and prosperity. India has become an ideal for the entire world due to this heritage and commitment; we have to protect this heritage. We should not weaken these values of country’s culture-traditions-Constitution under influence of any political gimmick.