My Press release at international conference on religious discourse reform  at Luxor, Egypt 14th November, 2015 :

Luxor (Egypt), 14th November 2015: Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Minority Affairs, Government of India, Mr Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said in Luxor, Egypt that terrorism and radicalism are the greatest enemies of the entire humanity and Islam and he stressed on the need for united efforts at global level to tackle and isolate those elements posing threat to peace and stability in the world.

While addressing the "25th International Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs on: “The vision of Imams and advocates on religious discourse reform and tackling radicalism” here, Mr Naqvi said that it is the common duty of all including that of Islamic world and Islamic scholars to come forward, be united in the endeavor to remove the scourge of terrorism and radicalism.

A large number of Imams, religious leaders, scholars, Ministers and other representatives from about 42 countries attended the conference.

Mr Naqvi expressed that now; terrorism and radicalism have not remained a problem of a particular country or region. The evil of terrorism and radicalism has extended its presence across the world. Mr Naqvi said that the entire world will have to fight together against this menace.

Mr Naqvi said that murder is strictly forbidden in Islam. Quoting the Holy Qu’ran, Mr Naqvi said that, “…who so ever kills a soul, ---it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”

Mr Naqvi further said that Muslims are bound by a code of conduct which Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, set. Message of Islam and Prophet Mohammed is loud and clear that terrorism is above all murder. He forbade the killings of women, children and elderly even in war.

Mr Naqvi said that, “Prophet warned that he who kills anyone who has a covenant of peace will not go to Paradise. In fact, he taught that justice is not only to humans but must be shown to animals and all living things. So much so, that cutting of a green tree is banned in Islam. The message of the Holy Qu’ran, as we have seen, is that the sanctity of human life is to be respected and any violation in this regard would be considered the worst crime.”

Mr Naqvi said that we must remember that in the 7th century, Islam was in the forefront of modernity, based on principles of social justice, economic equity, gender equality and democratization of polity. Islam, in fact, has provided peace and stability to different regions of the world for centuries. These principles have still not changed. There is a need for strengthening and make effective these principles.

Mr Naqvi expressed that with the help of these principles, we can defeat those elements who are misusing the religion for their narrow self interests.

Mr Naqvi said that act of some misguided individuals is harming Islam’s real message of mercy, unity, peace and brotherhood. Coordination-communication among the society, religious leaders, government agencies and media is must to deal such elements.

Mr Naqvi said that terrorism has been failed to establish its roots in India due to deep-rooted cultural unity and a vibrant democracy.

Mr Naqvi said that every religion of the world teaches about mercy, unity, peace and brotherhood. The religion should be used for welfare of every section of the society.

Mr Naqvi said that religious discourse needs reform and there is no need for reform in religion. Religious discourse reform assumes significance in the current political, social and ideological scenario across the world and it should not be interpreted in any manner a change or alteration with religion.

Mr Naqvi expressed confidence that this international conference will be helpful in removing misconceptions about Islam religion and in spreading its real message of peace and brotherhood.