Jaipur, 04th May 2019:Salient points of my speech during election meeting in Jaipur today:

 Union Minister and senior BJP leader Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said here that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has put "Corruption on Ventilator" and "Development on Accelerator" in the last five years, which has made “Champions of Corruption” feeling suffocated in this “atmosphere of honesty and transparency”.

While addressing election meeting in favour of Shri Ramcharan Bohra, BJP candidate from Jaipur, Shri Naqvi said that providing “equal opportunities of development” to all sections of the society, without any discrimination or “political prejudice”, has been the major achievement of the Modi Government during the last five years.

Shri Naqvi said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has provided “equal opportunities of development" to every needy of the society by bringing “Commitment to Development” out of narrow-minded “Vote Bank Politics”.

Shri Naqvi said that no section of the society can say that it has faced any discrimination in development on the basis of caste, religion, region or state. All the sections have been provided equal opportunities for socio-economic-educational development.

Shri Naqvi said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has restored the dignity and stability of the Government in the last 5 years. The Modi Government has removed “Policy Paralysis” by taking bold and tough reformist decisions keeping in mind the welfare of the common man. The Modi Government has proved to be a “Government of Iqbal (authority), Insaaf (justice) and Imaan (integrity).

Shri Naqvi said that the Modi Government has provided benefits of all welfare schemes directly to the needy through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) mode eliminating the role of “brokers and middlemen”; which has stopped “loot and leakage” of the public money. Our Government has created “High-way of development” by demolishing “speed breaker of corruption”.

Shri Naqvi said that the Congress wants a “Contract Prime Minister” who can be remote controlled. But the people of the country don’t want a Prime Minister on “rotation and contract” for 6 months and then another Prime Minister for next 6 months. The country wants a “Perfect Prime Minister” and the entire country knows Shri Narendra Modi is the “Perfect Prime Minister” for the progress, prosperity and safety of the country.