Rampur, 17th April, 2017:Salient points of my speech at “Karykarta Sammelan” in Rampur:

Senior BJP leader & Union Minister Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said here that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's decision to provide wide constitutional status to rights of backward classes will also ensure that a large section of Muslim community becomes a part of “journey of social justice”.

Addressing a “Karyakarta Sammelan” at Rampur, Shri Naqvi said that the Constitutional Amendment Bill to provide Constitutional status to OBC commission will ensure that various sections of Muslim community such as Kahar, Kewat-Mallah, Kumhar, Kunjda, Gujjar, Gaddi-Ghosi, Chikwa-Qureshi, Jogi, Mali, Teli, Darji, Nut, Fakir, Banjara, Badhyi, Bhatiyara, Chudidar, Momin-Julaha, Muslim Kayasth, Mansuri, Dhuniya, Rangrej, Lohar, Halwayi, Hajjam, Dhobi, Bhishti, Mochi, Raj-Mistri etc will become Constitutionally eligible to get benefits of various welfare programmes and schemes.

Shri Naqvi, who reached Rampur on a three-day visit, said that it is after 70 years of the independence that, a government has taken this historic, visionary decision aimed at fulfilling the interests of the backward classes. This is fulfilment of the long pending demand of providing social justice to the backward classes of the society by the BJP led Central Government. Shri Naqvi said that this historic decision will ensure justice to all sections of the society.

Shri Naqvi said that the Lok Sabha, during the recently concluded Budget Session, passed the Bill to grant Constitutional status to OBC commission, but it was stalled in the Rajya Sabha by the Congress, the SP, the BSP, the Trinamool Congress, the Left, the JD(U) and some other Opposition parties. They have blocked a major legislation aimed at protecting rights of the backward classes.

Shri Naqvi said that despite being in power for so long, the Congress did not take any concrete step towards welfare of backward classes. Despite the suggestions of Kaka Kalelkar Commission (1950) and Mandal Commission (1979), the respective Congress governments did not take any action in this direction.

With Constitutional status to National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes, it will become as powerful as National Commission for Schedule Castes and National Commission for Schedule Tribes. Till date the NCBC was a simple legal body, whose job is to advise the government regarding inclusion or removal of caste/community lists.

But from now onwards, this Commission can now effectively work towards the welfare and uplift of people who come from socially and educationally backward classes. This Commission will also discharge other functions related to the protection, welfare and development of backward classes and empower them by utilizing the inherent powers of Articles 16-4 and 15-4 under the Constitution.

Shri Naqvi said that it is known that the OBC Parliamentary Committee made a recommendation in this regard and MPs from all parties had personally requested Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to amend the Constitution in this regard.

Considering these suggestions, the BJP-led Government took strong steps and was successful in bringing consensus on the issue in the Lok Sabha. But it is unfortunate that the move to empower backward classes has been opposed by the Congress, the SP, the BSP and other political parties in the Rajya Sabha.

Shri Naqvi said that behaviour of these political parties in the Rajya Sabha has exposed their mind set towards backward classes.