New Delhi, 05th Oct, 2016:  Salient points of speech of Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs (independent Charge) & Parliamentary Affairs Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi during 9th Annual Lecture of National Commission of Minorities in New Delhi: 

Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs (independent Charge) & Parliamentary Affairs Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said here that rights of Minorities are more secure and strong in India in comparison to any other democracy of the world. During our last about 2.6 years we have worked hard to create a sense of equality among the Minorities.    

 While addressing at 9th Annual Lecture of National Commission of Minorities here, Shri Naqvi said that we did not consider the poverty, unemployment, illiteracy among the Minorities, poor and weaker sections as a problem of any particular section but we took it as a challenge before the nation. It has resulted into a situation where benefits of the welfare schemes are being provided directly to the needy.

Shri Naqvi said that the Minorities have also been equally getting benefits from schemes such as “Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojna”, “Ujjwala Yojna”, “Deen Dayal Gram Jyoti Yojna”, scholarships for students, employment-oriented “Kaushal Vikas Yojna”, health centres and educational institutions, which have been established on war-footing, scheme to double the farmers’ income, insurance schemes, “Mudra Yojna” etc. Besides this, there are several welfare schemes of the Minority Affairs Ministry-  “PM’s new 15-point programme”, “Nai Manzil”,  “Nai Raushni”, “Seekho aur Kamao”, “Ustaad”, “Pre-metric and Post-metric scholarships” and other Central Government schemes such as “Make in India”, “Skill India”, “Start up India” which have benefitted the Minorities equally.

Shri Naqvi said that the Modi Government has been removing poverty, backwardness, illiteracy among the poor including Minorities and providing benefits of welfare schemes to every needy person without any discrimination. “Political self interest” had been a major gap between environment of “development and trust” and the Minorities. We will have to fill this gap and create a sense of equality among the Minorities.  The Modi government has been making all out efforts to fill this gap. We will have to move forward with harmony in the society and development of every section. Development is Modi Government’s commitment. For us, development is not an issue of politics but it’s a “draft of good governance”.

Shri Naqvi said that some people and political parties have still “protecting and practicing” the policy of “divide and rule”. This resulted into a situation where the Minorities were kept far away from mainstream development process and they fell into “trap of selfish politics” of some people. We have to bring Minorities out of this trap and bring them closer to development process. “Development agenda” can defeat any form of “negative and destructive agenda”.

Shri Naqvi said that there are about 23.4 crore people belonging to Minority communities which is about 19.32 per cent of the total population of the country. The Minorities and their constitutional rights are absolutely safe and secure in India. No government or political party can weaken this. Social and religious rights of every section of the society are absolutely safe and the main reason behind this is our great Constitution. We will have to strengthen harmony in the society.


Shri Naqvi said while earlier “middlemen and power brokers” used to loot the money meant for welfare of the poor but the Modi Government has kicked out these middlemen and now the money sent by the government is being used 100 per cent for the welfare of the needy. This has created panic among the “middlemen”.

Shri Naqvi said that we will have to reach out to the people directly. Ministers and officials will get to know ground reality of schemes by going directly to the people and not from paper and computer. With this purpose, Minority Affairs Ministry has started ‘Progress Panchayat”, which is aimed at converting commitment of empowerment of Minorities into a ground reality. Shri Naqvi said that “Progress Panchayat” was launched in Haryana’s Mewat region on 29th September. Four “Progress Panchayat” were held and were wholeheartedly welcomed by the locals. The people were satisfied that the government has come to them to listen to their problems, to solve them. About 96 such “Progress Panchayat” will be organized across the country. Besides this, steps to free waqf properties from clutches of “waqf mafia” and development of these properties for welfare of Muslim community are some of the measures which have created an environment of “development and trust”.

Shri Naqvi said that communal incidents have decreased significantly during 28 months of NDA Government because the Modi Government believes in “empowerment politics” and not “appeasement politics”. Our Government believes in “empowerment without appeasement”.   Communal harmony is the guarantee of society’s prosperity. National Commission of Minorities received 2638 complaints in 2013-14, 1995 in 2014-15, 1974 in 2015-16 and 97 complaints were received in 2016-17 (till 20th April, 2016). 

Shri Naqvi said that be it internal security, economy, communal harmony, nation’s borders, are all absolutely safe under Prime Minister Shri Modi. The entire world has witnessed this. Shri Naqvi said that any conspiracy against development agenda will not be allowed to succeed. The terror forces and their supporters who are working against India’s security will be defeated at any cost.  

Shri Naqvi said that but we have to remain cautious against enemies of peace, prosperity, harmony. The entire world should fight united against the terror forces that have been misusing religion as their security cover and have become the biggest threat to peace and entire humanity. There is a need to isolate terror forces and their supporters.