Moradabad (UP), 05th Oct, 2020: Participated in “Kisan Chaupal” at village Lodhipur in Moradabad and Bilaspur and informed the farmers about ample benefits of agriculture reform bills of PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s Govt. UP Minister Shri Baldev Singh Aulakh was also present on the occasion. Congress is inflicting injuries to farmers’ interests with “Dagger of Deceit” in an effort to make fertile its “Barren Political Land”. PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s commitment to double the income of the farmers has “quadrupled the worries of brokers and middlemen”. Congress is trying to protect “Fiefdom of Feudal Middlemen” by opposing the agriculture reform bills. Agriculture based India has moved forward on the path of farmer welfare centric nation where farmers get respect for their hard work and fair price for their produce. Agriculture reform bills of Modi Government are the guarantee of “happiness in eyes and prosperity in life” of crores of the farmers of the country. These bills will ensure economic empowerment of the farmers by providing them freedom from the clutches of middlemen. Congress is trying to mislead the farmers of the country by falsely claiming that through the Agricultural Reforms Acts there is a plan to end the minimum support price i.e. the MSP system. However, PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji has repeatedly said that the system of MSP will continue as before, across the country, and no change will be made. #AatmaNirbharKrishi #KisanBill2020 #KisanWithPMModi