New Delhi, 20th July, 2020:  Addressed on “Role of Journalism, Media and Cinema in Nation and Generation Building” during inaugural session of Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education, University of Delhi, through virtual conference. “Reform is not only a Regulation”, “Reform is a Resolution” for betterment of country and people. Establishment, politics, cinema & media are connected with each other with a sensitive thread of the society and courage, commitment and caution are tested, evaluated and essential mantra to strengthen these relations. During crisis, establishment, society, cinema & media act as “one soul, four bodies”. History is witness to fact that whenever there is crisis in country, before or after Independence, all these four sections have together performed their respective responsibilities with complete honesty in national interest & human welfare. Entire world is facing such a crisis in the form of Corona pandemic after centuries. Many generations have not seen such a challenge. Still, we have left no stone unturned to play role of mature society, government, cinema & media and especially in India, all these four sections became a part of solution to the problem. There have been revolutionary changes in work culture, character & commitment of establishment, society, cinema & media. During Corona pandemic, every section has been witnessing drastic change in the work culture and lifestyle.