Mumbai, 17th Feb, 2020:Today addressed training of trainers programme for Haj 2020 at Haj House in Mumbai. About 650 trainers including large number of women participated. They will provide training to Haj pilgrims in their respective states regarding Haj pilgrimage, accommodation in Makkah and Madina, transport, health facilities, safety measures etc. Also inaugurated Civil Services Learning Centre, Guest Rooms, Training Hall etc in Haj House.100 per cent digital/online Haj process in India has fulfilled the dream of “Ease of Doing Haj” for the Indian Muslims. India has become first country in world which has made entire Haj 2020 process 100 % digital. Online application, E-Visa, Haj mobile app, “E-MASIHA” health facility, “E-luggage pre-tagging” providing all information in India itself regarding accommodation/transportation in Makkah-Madinah have been provided to Indian Muslims going for Haj. Making entire Haj process 100 % digital/online has removed middlemen ensuring Haj pilgrimage become affordable in comparison to last several decades. Even after removal of Haj subsidy, no additional financial burden has been put on the pilgrims.