Mumbai, 11th Oct, 2019:Today interacted with intellectuals, entrepreneurs, doctors, businessmen and other prominent people of the society in Mumbai during election campaigning in favour of Shiv Sena candidate Shri Pandurang Sakpal from Mumbadevi. Development has not remained just a “Political Slogan”, it has become commitment to “Social Justice” during the last five years under the leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Modi Govt. has removed “Stains of Failures” of 10 years rule of UPA and has established “Marks of Success” which are crystal clear on the ground level. PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji has become “Hope” for India and “Hero” for Indians. Those political parties who were engaged in conspiracy to make BJP “Untouchable” have themselves become “Untouchable”. No nation can afford the illegal population explosion. The issue of illegal immigration is there for a long time. People have been against the infiltration of foreigners for a long time. We cannot ignore it. The right of true citizens should be protected at all costs. There should not be any “communal politics” over the NRC issue. Modi Govt considers NRC issue purely as an issue related to national security and national interest.