•  28 November, 2016: Why the Congress feeling trouble due to fight against black money?

    Their “Aakrosh” (anger) is not against demonetisation but it is against blockade of black money

     The “political drama” of the Congress against Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s mission against black money is proving to be a hue and cry over bankruptcy of those who had hoarded black money. Some political parties knowingly-unknowingly are becoming “partner of this political drama” of the Congress and behaving against the mood of the nation.

    Today, the entire nation and every section of the society is with the Prime Minister in this decisive battle against corruption and black money. This is the battle, which the people of the country were waiting for, for the last about seven decades. Action against corruption and black money had been a slogan of streets; slogans of political parties and a part of their poll manifesto, but it never converted into a reality. Prime Minister Shri Modi converted this battle against corruption and black money into a reality.

    This is not the first time when a government got a complete majority to fight against corruption and black money or this is not for the first time that a government promised to establish a system free from corruption and black money. But most of the governments, in the place of eliminating corruption, were engulfed in corruption.

    Prime Minister Shri Modi, by forming a SIT on the issue of black money in his very first Cabinet meeting, gave a strong message that “corruption-free, development oriented” system is his priority. The Congress had left a legacy of scams, corruption and open loot of public money. But, without doing politics on this, the Modi Government proved that if there is an honest will by the leadership, it can change the government as well as the system. 
    Congress party came into power at the Centre for about 11 times by giving slogan of “Gareebi Hatao-Bhrashtachar Mitao”. But it never fought against the disease of corruption, the party seemed to be “protecting” corruption. Whether it is bofors scam, 2G, Commonwealth Games scam, coal scam, tatra truck scam, chopper scam, Adarsh flats scam, Telgi scam, Oil for Food scam, Nagarwala scandal, it looked like “the Congress had in a close relation with corruption”.

    The Winter Session of Parliament, which started on November 16, has also been disrupted by the Congress’ “political drama” to create obstacle into the path of nation’s development. The Lok Sabha had adjourned on that day due to demise of a sitting Member. In the Rajya Sabha, Opposition parties demanded a discussion on the Government’s November 8 decision against black money. Regardless of hours and days, we said the Government is ready for a discussion.

    12 Members including Shri Anand Sharma, Shri Sitaram Yechury, Mayawati, Shri Ram Gopal Yadav, Shri Sharad Yadav, Shri Piyush Goyal, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, Shri Praful Patel, Shri Naresh Agrawal and Shri Pramod Tiwari took part in the discussion.

    The discussion was scheduled to be continued on November 17 but the Opposition demanded a JPC and Prime Minister’s presence during the whole discussion. Leader of the House Shri Arun Jaitley and we said let the discussion continue and the Government will answer every question raised by the Opposition. But the Congress did not accept this and the entire day was wasted due to ruckus which continued till November 24.

    On 24th November, when the Prime Minister came to the Rajya Sabha at 12 noon, Leader of the Opposition Shri Gulam Nabi Azad demanded that Question Hour be suspended and there be a discussion on demonetisation. The Government immediately accepted their demand and discussion began.

    From the Opposition side, former Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh, Samajwadi Party’s Shri Naresh Agrwal, TMC Member Shri Derek o Brien participated. The discussion was scheduled to take place at 2 PM after lunch. But the Congress, suffering from “bankruptcy of facts and logics”, refused to allow the discussion to continue and put baseless demands of an apology from the PM and JPC.

    Congress is demanding an apology from the Prime Minister. But we asked them why the PM should apologise? Whether PM should apologise because those who hoarded black money have become bankrupt? Whether PM should apologise on blockade and lockout of loot lobby and masters of corruption? The Congress and its allies know very well that Prime Minister Shri Modi’s step against black money will benefit the poor, middle class and weaker sections the most.

    This is the section which had no hope from the political class, this section used to think that that the government will be changed but the system will remain same. The change in system by our Government is a great revolution for the last person of the society.

    “Aakrosh Diwas” and “bandh” called by the Congress and its friends proved to be a “flop show”. The common man, who is standing in the lines before banks and ATMs, is saying that he is facing trouble for a while but Modi ji has taken a good step, we are with Modi ji. This is called trust on leadership and confidence towards honesty of the Government.

    Those who are behaving against the mood of the nation are same people who never digested the fact that Shri Modi has become the Prime Minister. These people never accepted that the people’s mandate was against their bad governance and corruption. Shri Modi has made good governance a part of the system to make corruption-free system a reality.

    About 45 hours have been wasted in the Rajya Sabha during the Winter Session and the Lok Sabha has also been disrupted. One hour proceeding of the Lok Sabha costs about Rs 1.5 crore while it is about Rs 1.1 crore for the Rajya Sabha. It means crores of public money has been wasted due to the arrogance and disruption by the Congress and some of its allies. These people don’t have facts and logics, they are only doing baseless and illogical “political drama” to create hurdle in this “economic revolution” (demonetisation).

    The Congress and its allies should support the Modi Government in the battle against corruption and black money to ensure development of the last person of the society, which had been deprived of light of development for the last several decades only due to corruption and black money.